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Jimmy and Junior by codfishing
Jimmy and Junior
My pups :heart:

Anyone can feel free to draw them ;D
Dahlia sketch by codfishing
Dahlia sketch
Dahlia by codfishing
Done in colored pencil in a 5 1/2 x 8 sketchbook.

Edited her right left leg in photoshop because I screwed up and made it black :P

My tablet pen is gone so until I get another anything I upload until then will be traditional..
Whats Your Favorite Quote?
5 deviants said Please share! (It's for my homework!)
Are these short videos interesting to anyone? If so, I'll do longer more in depth drawings..

Whats Your Favorite Quote? 

5 deviants said Please share! (It's for my homework!)


Custom Line Art
Trotting Horse Lines by codfishing
Trotting Horse Lines by codfishing
Trotting Horse Lines by codfishing
Refined lines for you to use.
Sketch or small image
Trio by codfishing
Sustained Gesture Drawing - Female Figure by codfishing
1, 2 Step by codfishing
Quick, unrefined, or small drawing of whatever you want.
Quick Digital Portrait
GT Speedpaint by codfishing
Taz Speed Painting by codfishing
Christian Bale by codfishing
This is a portrait that takes me anywhere from an hour to two hours. Large brush strokes are used and I try to capture the personality and essence of the subject. 
Semi Realistic Drawing
Can't Stop by codfishing
She's So Good With Her Stiletto by codfishing
The Grand Grey Man by codfishing
Semi realistic drawing of anything you want.
Sketch Animation
Animated Tempi Changes Sketch Lines by codfishing
OlympianStables Comission by codfishing
Unrefined animated lines.
Digital Portrait
Egeris by codfishing
Where's the Party? by codfishing
A detailed portrait of anything you desire. This type of drawing/painting would take anywhere from 5 to 10 or more hours.
Realistic Drawing
Danny Hunter by codfishing
Winter by codfishing
Once Upon a December by codfishing
Realistic drawing of anything you want.
Animated Lines
Refined animated line art.
Full Value Animations
I'm No Superman .:Canter Animation:. by codfishing
Trot Animation by codfishing
*Must inquire about flat colored animations and animated lines.
My entry journal for Tigra1988's WS Elite Dressage Event 

(I know a journal entry isn't necessary, but it's easier for me to organize everything)


Charlotte sat, silently sipping on a quickly cooling mug of coffee, black, as she scrolled mechanically through her email. The steady rhythm of her finger on the mouse was interrupted when she noticed an email entitled "Dressage Event" from the esteemed Wilkenburg Stables. Now this could be interesting, she thought to herself. Putting the coffee aside, she leaned closer to the monitor to focus on the message she'd recieved. As she reached the end of the page, she had only one horse in mind. Disco -the little shit- he'd be perfect! She shut the laptop, grabbed her jacket and made her way outside, leaving her coffee behind.

She headed towards the barn, giving sidelong glances to the mares in their pastures as she walked. They were all excited and full of expression, waiting to be brought in for breakfast. As she neared the heavy double doors of the stallion barn, she heard a shrill, high pitched, scream-like whinny. It was surely the same horse that was on her mind at that moment, for there was no one else was ever as desperate for food as he. She pushed open the door to reveal Marc, already organizing the feed buckets, headphones in place. She gave him a nod and proceded to check the stalled horses. She paused slightly outside the door of the injured Torino, then finally coming to stand in front of the pacing and lathered Discomania. A loud bang! was heard from his stall as he kicked out at the wall, demanding food. 

"Knock that off!" She barked at the stallion, her voice full of authority. The stallion raised his head and gave a look of adolescent defiance, but stopped nonetheless. "Marc!" she paused, "Mark!!" He removed an earphone and gave her a look. She smiled, "I have an idea."

To be continued...


Disco Inspection by codfishing

Disco Lunging by codfishing

Warm up:
Dance Lesson WIP by codfishing

Ambition WIP by codfishing

Finally Home:
Mellow Mood by codfishing
  • Mood: Questionable


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States

I am an art student studying Studio Art (switching majors next year to Illustration, I think) Even though I mostly submit my digital stuff on here, I'm actually way more comfortable with traditional media than anything else xD I have always enjoyed drawing horses, but now I am realizing that I quite enjoy drawing people, too.

The majority of what I do is horses, fan art, and homework assignments lol It's all pretty random, so heads up. ^^

Thank you for visiting my page!



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